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>From: "Dennis R. Preston" <preston at MSU.EDU>


>Not quite; since aspect is the phonological componenet of dialect,
>your monsieur from Indianapolis won't quite cut it.

aspect?  You're saying you can't have a French accent in a midwestern
dialect then?

>Please refer to former conceted efforts to change language. The
>caught-cot distinction will go, and our grandchildren will not be
>linguistic dummies for the loss.

The caught/cot distinction won't go because it shouldn't.  You may not care,
but there are those that do.  Awe-droppers do the language a disservice,
create unnecessary homonyms, thereby lessening intelligibility and ease of
learning English.

Are all efforts to change language conceted?

>dInIs (who, as you notice, does very well with I-E conflation beore nasals)

conflation?  Another word for merging.  Of I-E.  What's this SAMPA for short
i and short e?

I have no clue what dInIs is.  SAMPA for Dennis?  Both vowels are short i?
This does not happen in USA.  You must be a Brit?

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