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In a message dated 12/3/06 8:18:30 PM, Bill.Mullins at US.ARMY.MIL writes:

> Kinda like the how Democrats in Virginia referred to George Allen as
> "George Felix Allen," subliminally emphasizing the Jewishness that was danced
> around?
> Or the way that Lloyd Bentsen's people called Dan Quayle "J. Danforth
> Quayle", to make him seem, I dunno, patrician?

I never thought of "Felix" as a Jewish name--sounds Latin to me. But if the
point was to make him seem Jewish, that would be a good thing to a Democrat,
would it not?

On the other hand, "Hussein" is the same name as the person that the Wit Who
noW occupies the White House referred to as a great evil doer, the former
president of Iraq, whose supposed Weapons of Mass Destruction were a threat to us
all. This is the man who was president of Iraq when the United States invaded
four years ago, shortly before the Wit Who now occupies the White House
declared victory in Iraq.

It is one thing to subtly make fun of somebody's fancy-ass name, as
putatively was done with the now-long-forgotten Mr. Qwaile (did I spell that right?).

It is another thing to not-so-cleverly attempt to associate someone with the
Evil Doers.

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