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Mon Dec 4 23:57:16 UTC 2006

In a message dated 12/4/06 6:29:10 PM, JMB at STRADLEY.COM writes:

>         I would like to argue against closing the list to ADS members.
> I would rather not lose the input of those who have something to say, or
> a question to ask, but are not yet ready to join ADS.  I certainly would
> not have joined the list myself if faced with this hurdle, though I now
> have been an ADS member for several years.
>         With respect specifically to Mr. Zurinskas, if his posts are
> really found to be that objectionable, then the appropriate response is
> to ban him individually, not to change policy generally.  A change in
> policy would not necessarily even be effective, since ADS membership
> currently is open to anyone whose check doesn't bounce.
> John Baker

Very thoughtful response, I'd say.

Mr. Z is rarely insulting, ands even then far less so than a lot of us can be 
some times. I would not want to see him banned. Banning should only be a last 
resort for people who are clearly insulting or so consistently off-topic that 
they are misusing the list. Mr. Z does seem to want to sell his books, but 
only because he really thinks they can be of help--at least I believe he is 

It is also good for those of us who are educated in these matters to hear 
once in a while just how stubborn and wrong-headed the lay person can be. 
Prescriptivism is deeply rooted in the culture, and it is good not to forget that. (I 
know that all sounds arrogant and patronizing. It IS arrogant and 

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