linguists are not prejeudiced, they are just biased

Tom Zurinskas truespel at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Dec 5 02:14:34 UTC 2006

Ron, you seem to know nothing about objective testing.   In a test situation
you want participants that have no exposure to theory or a position one way
or another.  Linguists have lots of exporsure perhaps even indoctrination to
the spelling of "ing" and have opinions.  I was saying let's get the opinion
of the unindoctrinated.

The term "prejudiced" is yours not mine.  So now you admit you lied when you
gave my supposed  words in quotes saying that I said "linguists are
prejudiced".  Basically I don't communicate with liars.  Nor should anybody.

I'd like to know where folks are from that write to me.  You ignore that.

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>Subject: linguists are not prejeudiced, they are just biased
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> > I assume Mr. Butters is referring to me below.
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> > >From: RonButters at AOL.COM
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> > >About 20 people have tried to reason with this person in just this way.
> > >is
> > >hopeless. He says things such as "linguists are prejudiced,"
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> > Who would say such a thing?=A0 I never said that.
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>See the following snip, which was posted 11-16-06; apparently, Mr. Z does
>even know what he says from one day to the next:
>"Basically, I'm thinking we need unbiased opinion. Linguists are exposed
>phonetic notation that could affect judgment."
>Linguists are not prejudiced, they are just biased by their having
>phonetics. Right.
>And now I am going to do more than TRY to ignore his nonsensical postings.
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