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On Mon, 4 Dec 2006, Beverly Flanigan wrote:

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> I like John's suggestion.  I don't recall the one and only earlier
> banishment, but that would seem to be a good precedent for the present
> proposed action.  I assume Terry and Jesse could take care of this?  Since
> I had suggested two options (membership only or moderator/owner
> discretion), I think the second option combined with potential banishment
> would work just fine.
> I don't want to exclude lurkers, especially students, either; from time to
> time I require that my own students send in at least one question or
> comment during a course, and I remember a particularly lively one from some
> years ago on "tschotckes" (sp?), initiated by one of my own.
> Beverly

I'm a lurker, with exception of occasional posts.  I'm 51 and have been
on this list for about 8 years as I recall. I've introduced many people
to the American Dialect Society and this list over this time.

It won't change my life much if the list goes membership only but I
hope it doesn't.

One thing to consider is that a dues-paying member could also cause
discontent. The proper way to handle it is ignoring the person or banning
them which would also work if the list were to remain public.

Russ McClay
Taipei, Taiwan

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