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I've found some 1940s cites and I'm about to add this to my Texas  page.
15 October 1942, Ada (OK) <i>Evening News</i>, pg. 7:
Even though you may just have been a "shade tree mechanic," tinkering with
machinery, or electricity, or similar activities, the Air Corps can develop
this  into the skill it takes to "Beat the Axis."

26 October 1944, Brainerd (MN) <i>Daily Dispatch</i>, pg. 12  ad:
If you want this service, we have factory trained mechanics, no "shade tree

16 July 1945, Fresno (CA) <i>Bee</i>, pg 8:
George Le Roux, former twilight leaguer and semipro, is a fair shade tree
mechanic, painter and whatnot besides being a salesman.

* shade-tree engineer

1953 _Valley Morning Star_  (Harlingen, Tex.) 5 May 3/1 Drillers started
working on the test hole Sunday,  and by Monday there was quite a group of
shade tree engineers offering  advice, criticism and suggestions as to
where the well should have been  drilled, how deep it should go and what
kind of water could be expected. ...  "You will have to go down 360 feet to
find water in this location," one of  the shade tree engineers told the

* shade-tree  mechanic

8 December 1954, Albuquerque (NM) <i>Journal</i>, pg. 25  (Sear's ad):
Thoughtful gift for your "shade tree mechanic."
1957 _Commerce  Journal_ (Commerce, Tex.) 30 Jul. 1/1 Local officers were
of the opinion  color and model of the vehicle would prevent extensive joy
riding, although  it was pointed out that such cars are prized by youthful
shade-tree mechanics  who convert in to hot-rod racing cars.
1958 _Panola Watchman_  (Carthage, Tex.) 25 Sep. 5/1 The simple mechanism
of the model "A" made it  possible for any shade tree mechanic to repair it
only with a knuckle busting  wrench, a pair of pliers, and an adequate
supply of bailing  wire.

* shade-tree beauty operator (nonce  form)

1958 _Commerce Journal_ (Commerce. Tex.) 3 Jul. 2/1 Shade  tree beauty
operators come off second best in a hair-dyeing rally staged  Monday
1985 _Dallas Morning News_ 30 Aug. 8B (Factiva) Ken Hatfield,  that
shade-tree philosopher of the Ozarks, begs to differ.
1986  _Houston Chronicle_ 20 Apr. (Sports) 3 (Factiva) A pearl from that
shade tree  philosopher, 1985 Houston Open winner Raymond Floyd.
2002 E.J.  COTTON _Hobo_ 116 The old fart was a shade tree philosopher.
Defined as: One  who resists idle chatter; one who has the ability to
entertain or extract  deeper meaning or said "philosophy" from any
situation, in any setting at any  time of day; a self-proclaimed wise man;
a term most probably borrowed from  "shade tree mechanic."
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