"That dog won't hunt" (LBJ?)

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The Yale Book of Quotations has "that dog won't hunt" from the late Texas
Governor Ann Richards (1988). No LBJ??
Anyone have better? JSTOR?
(JSTOR, not available to me anymore)
_JSTOR: Doing "Tuesday Lunch" at Lyndon Johnson's White  House: New ..._
 Take, for example, the case of Lyndon  Johnson's usage of advisers in 1965
when he ... tional Texas  shorthand: "That old dog won't hunt" (April 25, 1968:
1).  ...
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href="http://www.thehotdogs.com/Artists_W/Waylon_Jennings_Lyrics/That_Dog_Wont_Hunt_Song_Lyrics.html">Waylon  Jennings lyrics</a>
(Written by R. Murrah / J. Schweers)

Well, you think that you can  lie and tell me alibis
And it's alright
Keep the grapevine line working  overtime
On your late nights.

You think you can say some words,take  away the hurt
And I'll still be your number one
But when it ain't working  out we got a saying down South
Baby ,that dog won't  hunt.

Baby, that dog won't hunt
So you can hang up your  guns
Break my heart and then you want a new start
Baby, that dog won't  hunt.

NT7-gLtguQ3EG33p8HyG38">Google  Books</a>
<i>You All Spoken Here</i>
by Roy Wilder, Jr.
Athens, GA: University of George Press
Pg. 57:
That dog won't hunt, that cock won't fight:
The hell you say; it ain't practical; my hind foot; you're trying to sell  me
a bill of goods.
7 February 1970, Charleston (WV) <i>Gazette</i>, pg. 5:
He (President Lyndon B. Johnson, in 1968 -- ed.) then asked Ambassador
Ellsworth Bunker in Saigon for his recommendations on the proposals by Goldberg
and Rusk.

On the Goldberg proposal to stop all the bombing, Bunker "came back strong
and said, 'I just can't. That dog won't hunt. We just cannot get that over, it
would just blow everything.'"
4 December 1970, Newark (OH) <i>Advocate</i>, "Taking the  semicolon off" by
John P. Roche, pg. 4:
"Now he tried that in '66, and I told him that dog won't hunt. Why can't he
learn?" (Referring to a typical Lyndon Johnson speech -- ed.)
4 December 1971, Charleston (WV) <i>Gazette</i>, "Democrats  Ponder the Blame
Game" by Tom Wicker, pg. 5:
This is a splendid example of O'Brien's Irish gift for Irish Blarney, and a
pretty good political try, but as Lyndon Johnson used to say, "That dog won't
30 October 1981, Frederick (MD) <i>News</i>, "Washington has a  word for it"
by James Carey, pg. A6:
Lyndon Johnson, too, is recalled as a man who always "mashed" buttons
instead of pushing them, and who sprinkled his conversation with rural  expressions
like, "That dog won't hunt" -- meaning a proposed solution wouldn't  work.
6 August 1987, New York <i>Times</i>, pg. A27:
<i>That Dog Won't Hunt</i>
"In the Nation" by Tom Wicker
30 May 1999, New York <i>Times</i>, pg. BU6:
<i>However You Train It, That Dog Won't  Hunt</i>

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