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Part of the reason for this (perhaps cf. "situation") is that everyone must sound "positive and proactive."  One rarely hears the word "problem" in the contexts we've been discussing.Too negative !  In "reality," there are only "challenges" and "issues."

  As I have frequently said since 1976, "Every mushroom cloud has a silver lining."  Fred, does that get me into the next Yale ?


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It will not be news to this list that =93issues=94=3D =93problems=94 has =
long been
standard business jargon. About 1990, at an IBM project meeting, the
planner who was leading the meeting took it to new heights when he =
a question by saying =93We=92ve expired the timeframe for solutioning =


Se=E1n Fitzpatrick
It=92s a Gnostic thing. You wouldn't understand.

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Grade-A _psychobabble_ for what used to be called "problems."



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