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I've been wondering, why "Truespel" and not "Truspel"? Because people
might pronounce the latter as, e.g., "trusspel"?


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> from TZ 12-9-06 regarding topics below
> Diagramming.  I had sentence diagramming as a kid and thought it was a good
> way to learn and understand sentence structure and parts of speech.  I
> thought that way as a 12 year old and still think so today.  Don't know why
> it was ever stopped.
> Posh British.  I wonder what it is about the UK accent that indicates the
> "poshness".  The r-dropping?  Perhaps a certain tonality?  Hear UK accent at
>  Quite a difference in cot/caught.  In fact the
> vowel in caught is not said in USA.  Is it posh?
> Accent and Dialect.  California gov. Schwartzenegger has a German accent,
> but he's been in USA so long he has picked up on USA vocabulary and
> phrasing.  Shall we say he has a California dialect with a German accent?
> Also, the newspaper printed a list of 100 favorite phrases.  A TV dialect?
> A Very Nice Passage.  "It should be the chief aim of a university professor
> to exhibit himself in his own true character - that is, as an ignorant man
> [sic] thinking, actively utilizing his small share of knowledge." Alfred
> North Whitehead    Thus, even the most knowledgeable should be open to new
> ideas.  Just ask Socrates.
> Coventry agreement.  I wonder what is meant by dInIs who says he accepts the
> Coventry agreement and will act on it?
> Spelling Reforms.  Mark Twain was an advocate of spelling reform.  Andrew
> Carnegie together with Theodore Roosevelt gave the last big push to do
> additional reforms.  They weren't accepted.  So I think changes to spelling
> will not happen.  But the Simplified Spelling Society is in earnest
> developing a new English spelling.  If you'd like to participate, check it
> out.  The idea is to make it simpler for people to learn and use.  But then
> there's always texting.
> Crank Call.  When someone calls you names, such as "crank", they have an
> obligation to explain why.  Mandel knows my efforts over many years in
> spelling USA English phonetically.  He knows my 4 books and sees my
> dedication to my life's work.  I would call his remark the ultimate in
> cynicism.
> TV Words.  Of interest are also words TV newscasters are not saying, such as
> the front part of verbs, dropping "is" and "are".   To make up an example:
> "The government giving thought to mobilizing troops."
> Sammich. It's samrich in our household.  Does one household consist of a
> dialect?  I wonder how many dialect words come from mispronunciations.  Like
> "Bubba" for "brother."
> Truthiness.  If a word as contradictory meanings, how does one know which is
> meant?
> 1 : "truth that comes from the gut, not books" (Stephen Colbert, Comedy
> Central's "The Colbert Report," October 2005)
> 2 : "the quality of preferring concepts or facts one wishes to be true,
> rather than concepts or facts known to be true" (American Dialect Society,
> January 2006)
> Truespel database is available.   Again, for those interested in analyzing
> USA English or using truespel for other languages, I will gladly freely
> supply the truespel database of 63k words and provide quality overview.  You
> can preview the phonetic notation at
> Sound emails.  Perhaps we could share sound emails (like from
> so we can use voice to illustrate phonetics.  I tried a springdoo message
> but it was not recognized.
> Tom Zurinskas, USA - CT20, TN3, NJ33, FL4+
> See and the 4 truespel books at
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