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As the bishop said to the actress Jon must either have read The Saint
novels by Leslie Charteris or is this usage "Now - as the proctologist said
to the patient - brace yourself !" more common than I thought it was.

I use it all the time making up the references as I go along as in "As the
preacher said to the  ..."  then throwing in the punch line.

Is there anyone out there who can trace this gag back to anything before
The Saint novels?

Page Stephens

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> You mean the article in _The Annals of Proctology_?
>   Now - as the proctologist said to the patient - brace yourself !  The
one known person who read your gerbil disquisition is me !  And I remember
it because the rodential phenomenon referred to was being much discussed
among my colleagues after a reference to it, I think, in the campus paper.
>   The World Wildlife Fund has been working to discourage such doings. If
such doing are really done.
>   The story could have developed from a drug-hazy recollection of the
final scene of _Nineteen Eighty-Four_.
>   JL

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