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Wed Dec 13 22:37:35 UTC 2006

"Forecastle" in still much in use but nowadays usually spelled "fo'c'sle."  I have always heard and said / 'foksl /, but I know a formerly nautical couple who say
   / 'fok at sl / with three syllables. Of course, their sailboat didn't have one.


Alison Murie <sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM> wrote:
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I hear "foward" for forward in the (AE) speech of people (who generally
give /r/ its r-ness) more and more these days. Except for "Fuggeddaboudit"
I can't think of other places where this is happening. When forecastles
might have turned up in day-to-day speech, I understand it was pronounced
"fo'c'sle", but I wouldn't know from my own experience!

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