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Cohen, Gerald Leonard gcohen at UMR.EDU
Thu Dec 14 00:51:20 UTC 2006

"San(n)ih claw" = Christmas gift.  Is this recorded anywhere other than Wilson's message below and the blues song he mentions?



From: American Dialect Society on behalf of Wilson Gray
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Subject: Re: vowel raising/fronting

When I was a child, I was under the impression that the name of the
right jolly old elf, to coin a phrase, was "Sannih Claw." In some
Southern dialects of BE, this pronunciation has come to mean
"Christmas gift." The Other Sonny Boy Richardson has a Christmas blues
song about trying to find his "sanih claw," the context making it
clear that he's looking for his Christmas gift. The exact form that
this gift will take is left as an exercise for the listener.



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