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I had never heard of the splitting up of twins till I was in my
forties. A colleague mentioned that she had been bullied in junior
high school by the mean girls because her middle name is Stuart. When
I asked why her twin brother didn't come to her assistance, she
replied that it was against local educational policy to allow twins to
be together at school, even during recess.

I was taken aback. Blacks have twins more often than whites do. So
I've spent nearly my entire life in the company of twins.

Carl came down with a case of public lice and was too embarrassed to
go get the meds, so he had his brother, Earl, go to the drugstore for
him. Since Earl was Carl's identical-twin brother, I'm still trying to
figure out the logic of that move.


As far as I know, the same arguments for or against splitting up twins in a classroom apply equally well to blacks, whites, and others.

A few years ago my place of work was bedeviled with a pair of identical African-American twins named Darryl and David Taylor.  They, I think with malice aforethought, even had the same beards.  Darryl teamed up with me on several projects and David married my supervisor.  We also had another Darryl, who was black, and a Darrell who was white.  This was while the Bob Newhart Show was on TV, so of course there were frequent Darryl-and-Darrell jokes, which considering there were three of them were sometimes ambiguous.  David's wife was named Sherry Colman (and our building was on Bessie Coleman Drive---Black History trivia: who was Bessie Coleman?) and Darryl's wife's sister was named Terry.  Terry of course was dating a man named Taylor.

Carl's logic was quite simple.  You see, he actually had PUBIC lice, and by sending Earl to the drugstore he was infecting his brother with PUBLIC lice.

Also, on the Otto/auto thread, may I point out the Selden-mentioned fact that with the exception of those with diesels, all autos in the US have Otto engines.

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