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To see a truespel conversion you can run tradspel text through the free
converter at  Click on converter on the first page.  It takes
you first to the URL converter, which converts the entire internet into
truespel.  Scroll down to the text converter and paste or type some text to
convert.  Of interest, after you convert tradspel to truespel, reconvert the
truespel back to tradspel.  You will see all the homonyms.  Surprisingly,
there are a lot of them.  If we understand homonyms when we speak them, we
understand them when we read them too.  But dialects should avoid changing
pronunciation to homonyms.

Truespel is a replacement phonetic guide for our dictionaries.  In a world
of complexity, truespel is designed for simplicity. My ten year old could
read English in truespel within a half hour and sound out big words easily.
Gradualte students at UPenn played with it in a study and said 15 minutes
was all it took to learn it for them.  Testing should show that first
graders can read and write English in truespel in 3 or 4 months by working
on a couple phonemes a day.  Interestingly, by learning a few extra phonemes
they can also read Spanish and other languages phonetically within a few
extra days (they won't know what the words mean, but they can sound out the
words with less than the usual American accent).   Truespel then becomes the
missing integration tool that literacy needs, linking teaching,
pronunciation, translation, and analysis.

You could do the same thing phoneticallly with IPA or SAMPA, but that would
be way harsh.  They use special capitalization and symbols and are not
English or keyboard friendly.  Truespel uses regular letters in an English
friendly way for optimum tradspel transfer.  And truespel is not meant to be
forgotten after initial reading training but remain as a dictionary
pronunciation guide (truespel books 2 and 3).

The truespel database is available for those interested in pursuing analysis
using it.

Tom Zurinskas, USA - CT20, TN3, NJ33, FL4+
See and the 4 truespel books at

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>As one interested in the peace movement, occasionally called upon to make
>posters for demos, I wonder how truespel would handle "War" &  "Peace"
>-----"wore & piece"  or "pees" (oops! izzat a vulgarity?) & the
>non-alphabetic(?) "country"?  Of course, demos would probably regarded as
>uncouth in the world of truespel, so that the ambiguity of inconvenient
>homophones in slogans might never matter!  Ach.
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