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Greetings from New York City. For my wife's Hannukah gift, I gave her a trip
to wonderful New York City and a baptism party for her god-daughter. The party
was at the same place as my wedding. One couple brought their six kids and
gave a gift of $50 to cover everything. But so much for New York's holiday
spirit, and let's get to it.
The NY Public Library digitization of the NY Tribune 1900-1910 is done, but
it's available only at the NYPL or its branch libraries. I don't have time to
type out all the results. No "jazz" or "big apple" in this time period. No
surprises on the naming of the "New York Yankees" or "Great White Way." Even the
infamous 1904 St. Louis World's Fair article that supposedly gave Texas its
claim on the "hamburger" and "french fries" (dubiously from Paris, Texas)
couldn't be found!
22 July 1900, "Hot Weather Enterprise," pg. B13. Do I already have this "ice
cream sandwich" cite?
20 September 1901, "How Devery Has Enlarged the English Tongue by His
Phrases," pg. A2. Worth a look for policeman Big Bill Devery.
4 January 1903, "Food Automatically Dispensed," pg. A1? (I doubt this is
correct, but that's what it says). A nice article on the "automat."
6 December 1903, "Do Fiery Foods Cause Fiery Natures?," pg. B5. "Pomidore
pizza" is named. I think I already have this "pizza" cite, but I'll check.
24 September 1905, "Slang of the Stage, pg. B5. I'll type it later. A very
nice piece.
16 December 1906, "All Sorts of Mixed Drinks," pg. B4. Morning Glory
Cocktail, Alfonso Cup, Horse's Neck, Manhattan Cocktail, Philadelphia Punch. This is
the best I could do on a drinks search for such terms as "bartender" and
24 November 1907, pg. 7. "Wop language" is mentioned. I don't know if this
"wop" helps the next volume of HDAS.
26 June 1910, "Vernacular of the Race Track," pg. SM12. A very valuable
article that I'll type in later,  but it's long. A must read. The second page of
the article is completely illegible, however.
3 July 1910, "The Bonehead," pg. SM3. A baseball story. Illegible copy.
23 October 1910, "Brief Glossary of Technical Aviation Terms in Growing Use,"
pg. C3. Nothing too exciting slang-wise.

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