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Tue Dec 19 20:38:36 UTC 2006

What Ron says is true, but Bill Mullins' contributions go beyond providing insight into the thinking of
non-specialists.  His ads-l material has been very helpful to me in my etymological research (btw, I always give due credit), and so I hereby say publicly: Thank you.

Gerald Cohen


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Subject: Nobody's Perfect Dept.

One of the reasons that I welcome people such as Mr. Mullins is that I am a
teacher, and I feel that I gain real insight into the way
nonspecialists--which, after all, is what my students are--view the issues and concepts of my
profession. The questions such folks ask, and the way they view things, mirror my
students, though the students often are afraid to stick their necks out. I
suspect that the dictionary makers are similarly grateful for the insignts that
they can glean here from intelligent and enthusiastic customers.


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