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   You guys may be barking up the wrong tree hunting for an adverb to modify customary. The search should probably be for a word or phrase to substitute for customary but with the strengthening effect that is being sought.  E.g., "It is standard procedure,"  "It is a routine matter (to do such and such)," "It is de rigueur."  I worte an article a while back pointing out that adverbs/adverbial phrases can only go so far in increasing the degree of an adjective (e.g., "good"), whereupon one must proceed to a new word (e.g., great, fabulous, fantastic) or a phrase, (e.g., for a baseball player, "a seecond Ty Cobb").  I'm away from my office and therefore don't have access to the article or its reference.
Gerald Cohen


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Best: "mad customary."


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Notwithstanding all the excellent suggestions here, I still don't see what's wrong with plain, old-fashioned "totally customary"--or, even better, "way customary."


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>Subject: Pre-emptively?
>I am looking for an adverb that I can use (for example) to precede "customary" to give the meaning "so customary that no one would ever think of anything else". Pre-emptively? presumptively? Help!

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