Pronouncing Wisconsin

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If you mean "this is odd" as in the commercials are pronouncing the /k/
sound, then I would agree. But I've always assumed it an indicator of the
speaker's non-native status (for WI) and that some of these commercials are
probably produced out of state.


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>This is odd. My first impression (on going to Wisconsin for graduate
>studies n the 12th C., was that Wisconsonites (i.e. Cheeseheads)
>clearly divided the syllbales differently. I said wIs - kan - s at n;
>they all said wI - skan - s at n.
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> >I've noticed lately that many commercials played in Wisconsin seem to
> >people clearly pronouncing the /k/ sound in the second syllable, and it
> >sounds odd to me. From what I gather from 31 years in Wisconsin, it seems
> >that natives generally don't clearly pronounce the /k/; I think we tend
> >voice it as /g/, but I may be wrong in my analysis (my ears don't
> >distinguish so well, the lazy fools). Just curious if anyone else has
> >noticed this or can confirm or correct me.
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