spellchecker artefact? + G in Wisconsin

Alison Murie sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM
Thu Dec 21 20:14:22 UTC 2006

An oddity in this morning's news on NPR:  in an account of a suicide
bombing on a recruiting center, the newsreader in a clause clearly meant to
explain the motive, pronounced "deter men" as "determine".This is so
unlikely a mistake that I had to suppose that somewhere along the line a
brainless editor like a spelling program must have intervened.

On another thread:
G for K in  Wisconsin.  I'm pretty sure that none of the many members of my
family that spent large parts of their lives there  say this, but I'll
listen for it  when I get a chance.  It does remind me,  though, of a kid
from Chicago that we knew in California, that clearly said "Chigago."

W stands for >:<  War ____Waste___Wiretaps____Witchhunts  >:<

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