Gringo (1839)

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I don't have America's Historical Newspapers or 19th Century U.S.  
Newspapers. Any "gringo"?
(Oxford English Dictionary) 
[Mexican Sp.] Among  Spanish Americans, a contemptuous name for an Englishman 
or an Anglo-American.  Also attrib. 
1849 J. W. AUDUBON Western Jrnl. (1906) 13 June 100 We  were hooted and 
shouted at as we passed through, and called ‘Gringoes’. 1871  Republican Rev. 
(Albuquerque, N.M.) 14 Jan. 2/2 Three Mexicans from  Socorro..calling her a gringo 
bitch, finally threw her on the body of her  husband. 

August 1839, Southern Literary Messenger, “A Journey  Across the Andes” by 
W. B. H., pg. 514: 
My colleague had previously arranged  that this challenge should be answered 
by the officer of our boat, whose  Gringo accent would prove that he was not a 

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