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Jonathan Lighter wuxxmupp2000 at YAHOO.COM
Sat Dec 23 04:04:28 UTC 2006

I promised to look into the possibility that "Yeeha(w)" appeared early in _Gone with the Wind_.  A friend was sure it did, in the scene "when war was declared."

  First let me say that _GWTW_ is undoubtedly one of the ten most overrated movies in history. Second, this may be the first investigation into "movie exuberance yells" yet undertaken.

  I stayed glued to my TV for the entire film lest I miss a stray "yeeha(w)," and the results are as follows:

  1. Abt. 32 mins into the DVD, the Civil War is declared. Somebody off camera emits an unmistakable "Yaaay-hooo ! " but not "Yee-ha(w) ! "

  2. Abt. 2 mins. later there's a "Yaa-hoo ! " less prolonged than before and with / A : / instead of / e : /.

  3. Abt. 39 mins. in, unspecified victories by General Lee are announced before a fancy-dress ball. The announcement is greeted with mixed shouts of "(H)'ray!" and "Hoo hoo
  hoo ! " (mostly the former).

  4. Not long after, the presence of the daring blockade-runner "Captain Rhett Butler" is announced to the throng. His name brings cries of "Yaa-hoo ! " and " Ye-ow ! "

  And that's it, yell-wise.

  Fact: No one learned to shout "Yee-ha(w) ! " from exposure to _Gone with the Wind_.

  A movie textbook refers to "the famous 'Yee-ha !" scene' in _Red River_.  It may be a week or more before I can scrutinize that one, but I'll report my findings here.


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