Chad (paper chip[s]) 1930-1932, 1938-1940

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    A few years ago I presented a detailed treatment of "chad" in Comments on Etymology. I'll be back home in a few days and will then post the exact reference.  Meanwhile, Stephen Goranson's speculation about the origin of the Mr. Chad graffito is ingenious but as with all speculation needs to be treated very cautiously.
Gerald Cohen

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Subject: Re: Chad (paper chip[s]) 1930-1932, 1938-1940


Thanks. Here's speculation. If chad meant worthless paper, chaff,
before WW II,
might the Mr. Chad graffito with the words "wot no____" (water, beer, turkey,
beef, etc.) relate to ration coupons, effectively worthless paper when no
supplies were at hand?

Stephen Goranson

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