How Bush talks

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Pres. Bush's largest phonological idiosyncrasy that I hear is pronouncing
plural "s" at the end of words all as "s" rather than some as "z".  Most
should be "z".  He's tradnouncing those final s's (speaking a letter or
string of letters in it's most typical tradspel pronunciation).

Happy New Year.

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>A couple of days ago, I referred to President Bush as "not a REAL Texan."
>Of course, I was being facetious, and not altogether respectful.  More
>specifically, though:
>I was born and raised in Texas, got all my formal education there, and I
>have listened to thousands of Texans speak.  Although the Lone Star State
>encompasses a number of dialects and sub-dialects, the "Texas accent" of
>the president (himself a sheltered scion of Connecticut Yankee stock) has
>always sounded unauthentic to me.  I am being impressionistic here--not at
>all analytical.
>Has any dialectologist carefully studied Bush's speech patterns?  Is there
>evidence that he ever engaged a speech coach--maybe one of those who teach
>Hollywood actors to badly imitate Texans or Southerners in general?
>Just wondering . . . .
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