Y'all in 1800s; Line in the Sand; Cheeks A-Flexin'

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WRT "y'all": IMO, your stuff is excellent, Barry. I found the excerpt
in which the guy attempts to explain the phonetics of BE fascinating,
I don't what to say about the part where the guy refers to Virginia as
not being part of the South. Maybe you had to have been there.

As for Wikipedia's claim that "y'all" is singular as well as plural,
well, we've already been  over / gone over that at least once, here at


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> I'm at a "Y'all" loss because OED won't revise this entry for about another
> decade, and DARE and HDAS aren't there yet, either. I wrote a "Y'all" entry
> for  y'all to see, tracing "y'all" to (among other cites) a Texas novel in 1856.
>  Also, I've included "Howdy, y'all!" and "Y'all come back!"
> ...
> _http://www.barrypopik.com/index.php/texas/entry/yall/_
> (http://www.barrypopik.com/index.php/texas/entry/yall/)
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> LINE IN THE SAND (continued)
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> Today's Austin American-Statesman is really overdoing it for today's Alamo
> Bowl between Texas and Iowa. The cover of the Sports Extra section reads:
> "Horns  draw line in the sand." There's a letter from William Barret Travis,
> followed by  a letter from Texas Head Coach WIlliam Mack Brown:
> "I am besieged, by 13,000 or more Iowans under Kirk Ferentz--I have
> sustained continual Bombardment and Second Guessing since the Battle of  Manhattan
> (Kansas State--ed.)--The opponent has demanded surrender--I have  answered the
> demand with Smokey the Cannon & our flag still waves proudly--I  shall never
> surrender or retreat or even punt--Victory or Defeat."
> ("Victory or Death" would have been a bit much--ed.)
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> CHEEKS-A-FLEXIN' (continued)
> ...
> A bit more.
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> _http://whatsrightisleft.blogspot.com/2006/11/bumper-sticker-youll-never-see.h
> tml_
> (http://whatsrightisleft.blogspot.com/2006/11/bumper-sticker-youll-never-see.html)
> Thursday, November 09, 2006
> Bumper Sticker You'll Never See
> Whilst visiting one of the restrooms in my liberal  community of Boulder the
> following was scribed on the wall of said  enclosure:
> Here I sit cheeks a flexin...
> Giving birth to another Texan.
> Followed by:
> Here I sit squeezing my tush...
> Sending a message to Cheney and  Bush.
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