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A while back I mentioned my colleague who does this all the time (e.g. "that's so easy, it's like shooting babies in a barrel") without even trying.  Maybe I should've come up with a name for it.
Fritz J

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On 1/31/06, James Landau <jjjrlandau at> wrote:
> How do you distinguish between an eggcorn and a malaprop?
> At work the big boss from DC, after the obligatory sarcasm about our
> inability to keep schedules and our tendency to let things drop through the
> cracks (i.e. our office Christmas tree ws still up), twice used the
> expression "put your best face forward".  Afterwards I got into a
> disagreement with the local boss as to whether this expression should be
> classified as an eggcorn or as a malaprop.

I'd put it in a third category: idiom blend. The expression blends
"put your best foot forward" with "put the best face on (something)".

See this Language Log post on idiom blends:

--Ben Zimmer

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