Feb. 6 Departmental meeting

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  Actually, there *are* big savings. President Floyd has asked that administrative costs be reduced by 10%.  Let's say each dean earns a salary of $130,000 (I don't know the exact figures), and most or all of it goes for administrative work. The deans then go back to teaching. Presto!  The administrative salary disappears.  True, the campus will be paying the former deans a considerable salary as full professors in their respective departments, but those aren't administrative costs.  Those are teaching costs, which are much more politically defensible.

    So eliminating the deans results in administrative savings of at least $400,000.  Then there are all the assistant/associate deans. We're now well over half a million dollars, and with the elimination of the other expenses connected with the deans' offices, we're probably close to 3/4 million dollars.

   Hey, I'd like to keep the deans, and I'll certainly keep an open mind when you present your case about the 2-schools option.  But our campus is now deeply in debt, and so I'm not surprised that a few chickens are coming home to roost.


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> Jerry,
>      There are no hard numbers on the table but cutting all four deans doesn't add up to a million bucks by a long shot.
> Crow and Lutz would, in the best case, go back onto 9 months at their current deanly rate so no huge savings there. <snip>

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