"tinfoil hat brigade"

Erik Hoover grinchy at GRINCHY.COM
Thu Feb 2 16:30:47 UTC 2006

Wikipedia's entry for tin-foil hat lures us closer to madness with this

In his autobiography, Frank Zappa refers to Echo Park residents "Crazy
Jerry," an electricity addict and speed user who had been
institutionalized a number of times, and his roommate known only as
"Wild Bill the Mannequin Fucker," a chemist and methamphetamine cook
who modified department store mannequines for sexual uses. Both are
reputed to have employed metallic hats (vegetable steamers, aluminium
pots, tin-foil etc.,) to "keep people from reading their minds." Zappa
once recorded Crazy Jerry's life story, excerpts of which can be heard
on some of his early recordings.
[end quote]

Could someone find an actual quotation from The Real Frank Zappa Book
(Crazy Jerry is discussed on pp 70-72 according to one web index) ?

More on Crazy Jerry here:


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