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I must ask, how many of the egg-corns in contemporary
publications might be the result of use (or poor use)
of word processing spell-checkers.  Enter "seaded" in
Word, and the spell check returns both "seated" and
"seeded" - an inattentive moment, and an egg-corn is
created that doesn't indicate the original use or

--- RonButters at AOL.COM wrote:

> "During that meeting, Republicans defeated a
> proposal to force a broader
> slate of elections. At first blush, that vote
> appeared to be a boost for Blunt,
> because if successful, it would have signaled a
> deep-seeded desire to oust the
> current roster of leaders--Blunt included."
> "Candidates push for GOP leadership: DeLay successor
> to be picked by secret
> vote," by Deirdre Shesgreen, St. Louis
> Post-Dispatch, reprinted in the Durham,
> NC, Herald-Sun, 2-2-06, pA5.
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