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Fri Feb 3 18:26:42 UTC 2006

My first thought on seeing the word was the episode of CSI that dealt
with Furry Fandom.  A "scritch" is a way of greeting someone else who is
wearing a fur suit, I believe.

> On another list, a correspondent from the Netherlands was
> puzzled by the word "scritch", meaning the kind of
> affectionate rubbing/scratching one applies to a pet's ears.
> My first encounter with the word was in a Peanuts cartoon in
> the '60s, in which Charlie Brown demonstrated the difference
> between scritching and scratching to Lucy. Two questions:
> 1) How widely known is the word? (Are other USAn, or
> non-USAn, listmembers familiar with it?)
> 2) Did Charles Schulz actually coin the word?
> Jim Parish

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