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At 4:54 PM -0500 2/1/06, Benjamin Zimmer wrote:
>"Free Will Astrology" appears in various alt-weeklies, such as the
>Village Voice. From the Feb. 1 edition:

Yup, it's in the current New Haven Advocate too, right there on p.
74.  Check your local weeklies!


>SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): The American Dialect Society has chosen
>the best new words of 2005. Winning in the "most creative" category
>was "whale tail," which refers to the top of a thong showing above the
>waistband of pants or a skirt. But the fresh coinage that's most
>meaningful to you right now, Sagittarius, is "truthiness." It's the
>quality people embody when they assert concepts that they wish to be
>true instead of sticking to the facts. In his TV show on Comedy
>Central, Stephen Colbert articulated a perfect example: "Who's
>Britannica to tell me the Panama Canal was finished in 1914? If I want
>to say it happened in 1941, that's my right. I don't trust books.
>They're all fact, no heart." It's always important for you to avoid
>truthiness yourself and protest it when it spills from others. But
>it's especially crucial now. Arm yourself with factiness.
>"Factiness", by the way, has appeared as an alternative to
>"truthiness" in several sources, especially since the Oprah vs. Frey
>tussle. The earliest usage I've seen was in a Jan. 8 headline on Media
>Bistro's Fishbowl NY about Colbert vs. the AP:
>--Ben Zimmer
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