"nuptuals" for nuptials

Dale Coye Dalecoye at AOL.COM
Sat Feb 4 22:36:20 UTC 2006

Nuptial was one of the words I asked Shakespeare professors for my book
Pronouncing Shakespeare's Words.  The results were (and this was random sampling):
(forgive non IPA)
 UK: NUP chuh wl -2, NUP shl  5  NUP chl  7
USA NUP shuh wl-2 NUP chuh wl- 2 , NUP shl- 8, NUP chl-13, not sure-1
Canada: NUP shuh wl or NUP chuh wl-1, NUP chuh wl -1 NUP shl-1, NUP chl-2,
NUP shl or NUP shl-1

Expatriates: NUP chuh wl-1  NUP shl-1, NUP chl-7

So it seems IN every control the affricate is favored over the fricative,
though I believe the fricative would be expected historically (partial, option)
except after s?  (bestial, question).  Can't think of any other examples

Dale Coye
Wilton, NH

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