"Destination Wedding" (1993)

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DESTINATION WEDDING--2,560,000 Google hits
Liberty Travel is right on the corner here at East 57th Street and Third
Avenue. It's selling "destination weddings."
Although there are millions of Google hits, it's not in the OED. OED  editors
should get married more often.
New York Times (1857-Current  file). New York, N.Y.: May 22, 1994. p. V20 (1
The newest trend in the wedding industry is the combination destination
wedding/honeymoon, in which several days at a resort are set aside to fete the
bride and groom, hold the wedding and encompass the honeymoon. Family members
and friends are all invited to take part in what is essentially a mini-vacation
 for everyone, with a wedding occurring smack in the middle.
_Marriage in Scotland_
We are considering a  destination wedding in Scotland, but we need some info.
We  tried the number to Dallas based "Far Away Weddings ...
_alt.wedding_ (http://groups.google.com/group/alt.wedding?lnk=sg&hl=en)  -
May 18  1994, 12:03 am by Patrick Misterovich - 2 messages - 2 authors
_Is this unreasonable?_
... You are  talking about what the wedding industry calls a "destination
That's where the wedding and honeymoon are at the same  locale. ...
_alt.wedding_ (http://groups.google.com/group/alt.wedding?lnk=sg&hl=en)  -
Sep 2  1994, 4:06 pm by Mark Goldberg - 1 message - 1 author
_Destination Wedding in Alaska_
We "The  Wedding Shoppe & Boutique", located in Juneau have put together over
"destination Weddings" for couples who wanted to be married  in a memorable
and ...
(http://groups.google.com/group/alt.culture.alaska?lnk=sg&hl=en)  -  Jan 31 1996, 7:27 pm by dgar... at ptialaska.net - 1 message - 1
     _The Gleaner_
(http://www.newspaperarchive.com/Viewer.aspx?img=P9SpTvomPU+KID/6NLMW2mjbUtaLPa4CUKs1x31FyCU/dtOTCC/ZYUIF+CsZYmrz)  _Monday,  December
13, 1993_
(http://www.newspaperarchive.com/Search.aspx?Search="destination+weddings"+AND+date:1993-12-13)  _Kingston,_
1759-1995)   _Kingston_
(http://www.newspaperarchive.com/Search.aspx?Search="destination+weddings"+AND+stateid:43+AND+range:1759-1995)   ...Sandals
Resorts are now the wedding experts in DESTINATION WEDDINGS.  The Sandals package
... ..

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