"balls to the wall"

Douglas Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Sat Feb 11 23:21:08 UTC 2006

> Is the (putative) baseball use attested?  I've never heard it (as such).

Sure, but it's not very interesting.

_Lima News_, 4 Sep. 1938: p. 11: <<He swatted the ball to the wall,
driving in two runs ....>>

_[Zanesville] Times Recorder_, 29 July 1960: p. B5: <<... Herrera slugged
the ball to the wall in the right center field bleachers.>>

Rob Rains, _Albert the Great_ (2005): p. 109: <<"He's one of the best
hitters in baseball. ... [sic]It seems every chance he gets, he puts the
ball to the wall.">>

-- Doug Wilson

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