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I thought I knew military jargon, but this is a new one on me:

<quote>The Air Force wants to significantly increase funding for its two
high-profile unmanned aerial vehicle programs by devoting over $2.3
billion in coming years toward expanding its Predator and Global Hawk
operations, a senior service budget official told Inside the Air Force
last week.
The Air Force will invest $2.3. billion across the future years defense
plan, which will stand up more Predator squadrons and increase the
number of Global Hawks fielded annually, Maj. Gen. Frank Faykes, the
service's deputy assistant secretary for budget, said during a Feb. 1
Pentagon roundtable with reporters.

"stand down" (noun or verb) means to take a pause in combat operations.
"stand up" here apparently means the opposite, to make a unit available
for combat.

Source:  Martin Matishak "Inside the Air Force" Febuary 10, 2006,
apparently a newspaper or magazine column, quoted in the Northrop
Grumman Web page

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