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Wed Feb 15 15:38:41 UTC 2006

I guess this is a sort of low-level egghorn:

Hollywood offers evangelicals little satisfying fare
 Talk about "missing the big picture." Commentary writer William Romanowski
asks, "So what do evangelicals want from Hollywood anyway?" Well let me answer
for you (Missing the big picture, The Forum, Feb. 6).

 We want to know that our ridiculous gift of $9 per movie to the Hollywood
big wigs is going to provide two hours of entertainment, not religion-bashing.
We want to be able to enjoy animated movies with our children that are not
inappropriately suggestive or full of curse words.
 We want to watch romantic comedies that do not suggest that divorce and
infidelity are simply steps to finding true love. And yes, every once and awhile,
we want to see movies based on beloved religious literature or themes.

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