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Wed Feb 15 17:19:14 UTC 2006

>The phrase I've always been familiar with is "stay away in droves."  Movie
>reviewers seem to say it frequently, but not generally with a straight
>  I've always felt there was a good deal of linguistic hilarity in PIE, if
>only we would reach out for it.
>  JL
>"Dennis R. Preston" <preston at MSU.EDU> wrote:

>Wilson, you are right in pointing out that this is a joke, but isn't
>the history of the language full of jokes. Some of us well-educated
>wags started saying something in one generation, and the next (poorly
>educated, it goes without saying) generations didn't get our
>cutting-edge humor and instituted a change in the language.
Picturing these droves staying away evokes those cash cows not coming in
for milking (or hay-burning, as the case may be!). There's some hilarity to
be found in trying to picture "under the following circumstances," too.

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