"Piled Higher and Deeper"

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Thu Feb 16 03:18:24 UTC 2006

- Doug Wilson posted:
>_Washington Post_, 31 Aug. 1959: p. A2:
><<Douglas smiled. "It is sometimes said," he told Proxmire, "that the
>degree B.S. has a self-evident meaning attached to it: but the M.S. means
>'more of the same', and that the degree Ph.D. means 'piled higher and
I don't know which Douglas was talking (Wm. O., perhaps?) but he was right
in starting with "It is sometimes said,"  since this saying had been around
for some time by 1959, certainly through the 50's & I'd guess probably back
to the 20's.  The version I knew was "higher & drier."

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