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I also found "brokebackish" and "brokebackesque"--Looks like we've got a new synonym in the making!

  Mark Peters
  The whole column is very confusing, and as you read it you wonder if you aren't the victim of some elaborate joke. Or you that you are missing some deeper layer of meaning. I thought the Saudis and the Bushies were the best, almost Brokebackish, amigos. That the Saudis controlled every W action with a microchip planted in his brain. That's what we've been told by Michael Moore etc.
  Miss you and everyone else. On that note, when is the rodeo? We wanna get all brokebackish. We're making plans to visit around that time.
  I want to shoot a trailer for an imaginary sequel to Edison in which it's Edison and Jack 10 years later and they have a more "Brokebackish" relationship. I just see Jack smelling Ed's jacket.
  A friend sent me the 'Brokeback Top Gun' video --- actually, it's clips from the film arranged in a way that makes it look rather Brokebackish.
  Oh God, I'm a boy, but I would make the sweetest, most tender, most Brokebackesque love to Jack Bauer. God, he punched Walt like 300 times, and each time he connected an Angel got its wings.

Benjamin Zimmer <bgzimmer at BABEL.LING.UPENN.EDU> wrote:
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On 2/15/06, Benjamin Zimmer wrote:
> "After they get cut, they hug very manfully and brokebackly for a
> million years and then cry like babies, and it is awesome and very
> sweet and very sad."

Another adverb, "brokebackingly", gets a couple of blog hits:

By the way, he is also fervently against gay marriage. Hmm ... so why
does the way he dress seem highly brokebackingly suspicious?
Also, winterCoates is thinking about complaining to the FCC about the
Puppy Bowl and how Brokebackingly gay it was.

--Ben Zimmer

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