"Piled Higher and Deeper" (1965)

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I'm still in the process of throwing out all my work from this apartment. I
found this item (which probably appeared in a another college publication
Bachelor (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute humor magazine)
Saturnalia issue
volume XIII, no. 2
pg. 30:
Two farmers were discussing their sons' college education. Ezra said,
"What's them degrees the boys is working for, mean?" Replied Cy, "First one is
called B.S.--you know what that means."
Ezra, of course did.
Cy went on, "Well, they work a little longer, and get a M.S. That means  More
of the Same."
Ezra nodded.
"Finally, after years of work on their labs, pulling for their theses, they
get the biggest one of all: The Ph. D."
"And what does that stand for?" asked Ezra.
"Piled Higher and Deeper."

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