Malimony; "Voltaire" & "Roses of the Prophet Mohammed pastries"

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A new word?
New York  Post, NY -  <NOBR>12 ho
... Yes, it was Nick Lachey going where few men have gone before  last
weekend - announcing that he reserved the right to seek spousal support. In  a word,
malimony. ...
Mark Steyn column in Tuesday's New York Sun tells us that the  "Danish
pastry" (see "Danish pastry" in the ADS-L archives & Comments on  Etymology & my
website; I'm finally getting a tickle of credit) has gone the  way of "Freedom
Fries" and "Liberty cabbage." From pg. 10:
The first was decision of Iran's bakers to rename Danish pastries  "Roses of
the Prophet Mohammed pastries." Has a ring to it, don't you think? If  they're
looking for a slogan, how about "Iranian pastry; There's nothing  flakier.
Except our president."
Paul McNally of the latter defended his action this way: "We feel  there is
nothing to gain on the side of freedom of expression and much to lose  on the
side of hurting feelings." Not exactly Voltaire, is it? "I disagree  strongly
with that you say but I will fight to the death for your right to say  it as
long as it doesn't hurt anybody's feelings." Maybe it could be Canada's  new
national motto.
(Time for a letter to the editor on "Voltaire"--ed.)

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