Hornymoon (1993)

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HORNYMOON--524 Google hits
HORNY MOON--2,040 Google hits
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HORNEY MOON--1,020 Google hits
I can't even explain the context where this came up. No, no, can't do  it.
Not in HDAS? HDAS editors need to get married more.
_An Ape-ology and Retraction. Oso, me sorry._
... I've got a special bottle of Andre for you my love. Let's make  love in
the tall
grass, under a horny moon, to the sound of  knats. She's
mine...alll.....mine. ...
(http://groups.google.com/group/alt.drunken.bastards?lnk=sg&hl=en)  -  Jul 2 1996, 2:55 pm by Scott - 11 messages - 7 authors
_The Porn Game_
... Jugband Xmas Emmett  Otter's Jug-filled Xmas Dumb and Dumber Cum and
Cummer Little
Orphan Annie  Little Orafice Annie Honeymoon in Vegas Horneymoon in Vegas so
_rec.humor_ (http://groups.google.com/group/rec.humor?lnk=sg&hl=en)  - Jan 24
 1995, 9:26 pm by Daniel Green - 37 messages - 36 authors
    _Good  news, we're engaged!_
... YES! At long last, you're  mine! All the other items are to be shipped,
to our  HornyMoon suite. ... YES! Oh Lenore, I've found the perfect
HornyMoon suite. ...
_alt.tasteless_ (http://groups.google.com/group/alt.tasteless?lnk=sg&hl=en)
-  Sep 28 1993, 8:02 pm by Bob "Another beer, please" Christ - 3  messages - 3

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