FSBO or fisbo or fiz(z)bo (For Sale By Owner) (1977, 1982)

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There's a story in today's NY Sun, first page of the second section, about
NYC owners selling their own apartments. It's called "fisbo" or "fiz(z)bo" or
FSBO--For Sale By Owner.
Is it possible that this old term is not in either OED or HDAS?
_Self  Help-For a Flat Fee; The Real Estate Business Third in a series
Assisted Sales:  Low-Budget Realty _
By Nancy L. RossWashington Post  Sataff Writer. The Washington Post
(1974-Current  file). Washington, D.C.: Feb 5, 1977. p. D1 (2 pages)
Pg. D12:
Marking assistance--or a "fisbo" (For Sale By Owner), as it's known in the
trade--is not for everyone, as even its backers will agree.
_Self-Selling  Is Casualty Of Times; The Nation's Housing Hard Times Turn
Sell-It-Yourself  Trend _
By Kenneth R. Harney. The Washington Post (1974-Current file). Washington,
D.C.: Jul  26, 1980. p. E1 (2 pages) :
Today, by contrast, says Jack Hallaban of Rich Port Realtors, "there's
hardly anybody in those same neighborhoods going 'fizzbo'"--for sale by owner

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