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Tue Feb 28 02:41:14 UTC 2006

"24/6" is evidently "24/7" modified for those who keep the Sabbath
(like Jack Abramoff, an Orthodox Jew)...

Washington Post, Feb. 27, 2006
"Abramoff's Media Pal" by Howard Kurtz
Despite Abramoff's guilty plea, Eisler insists: "I don't fully accept
the notion that he cheated his clients. He worked 24/6 for his

"24/6" shows up in a couple of articles about keeping the Sabbath, but
other than that I don't see too many online mentions:

"The Joys of 24/6"
"As Baab says, the culture demands a 24/7 response. But God, for
everyone's good, invites us to live 24/6."

--Ben Zimmer

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