the postmodernist "intervention"

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Mon May 1 15:28:55 UTC 2006

Is this sense listed in dictionaries?  I can't find it in the OED or
other dictionaries I looked at.  Maybe lexicographers are hoping it's
a fad.

(This is from an, a posting by the Yale British Art
Center about their upcoming events; the offending item appears in the
second sentence.  Note also the positive reference to "complicate" at
the end--I guess it's like the ever-popular "problematize".)

In October 2005, Love Revealed, a major exhibition about the work of
the Jewish and gay Victorian artist Simeon Solomon, opened at the
Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery in the UK. To mark this important
intervention in nineteenth-century British cultural history, the
Center is holding a symposium that takes the extraordinary career of
Solomon as a starting point for an examination of marginality in
late-Victorian Britain and beyond. Papers explore the social, sexual,
and political contexts in which he worked, and will address the
nature of marginality. Sessions on aestheticism, on the classical
tradition and sexuality, and on history and Jewishness complicate our
understanding of the relationship between margin and center in
Victorian Britain and its Empire.

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