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Wed May 3 02:34:00 UTC 2006

>Beverly Flanigan writes:
>  I never get Cleveland students who
>say it, but Akron, Marion, Mansfield, etc. are all in the North Midland
>belt and use it.
>As a non-user from Minnesota, my own first hearing of it was at the ADS
>summer meeting in Albuquerque in 1980, when Frank Parker gave a paper on
>all the possible and impossible uses of it.  I still have that handout
>Athens, Ohio (where it's not used natively either)
My father, born in Mansfield O, 1878, never used it to my knowledge. He had
left OH by the turn of the century, living most of the time in Nebraska,
after that.  I never heard it in NE , though it may have been in rural
areas.  The first time I ever heard it  was after WWII in the speech of
some Missourians who had moved to the Pac NW.  I was surprised to hear my
brother use it a few years ago & twitted him about having gone native after
living in the NW for fifty some years.  I didn't realize how widespread its
use was until the various ADS-L discussions of it several years ago.
A. Murie

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