John McChesney-Young panis at PACBELL.NET
Wed May 3 21:07:51 UTC 2006

At the end of a ferociously strident anti-Da Vinci Code movie blog entry:


Othercott DVC on May 19th. Go see Over the Hedge instead. And pray
for everyone associated who is dancing with the devil through this


Her admonition seems to have spawned directly or indirectly all 42
Google web hits for the term (none yet in Google groups, oddly
enough: another sign of Usenet fading off into the sunset in favor of
message boards?); most results were for other blogs, and all appeared
to be related to her call to avoid the DVC movie and go to another. A
slightly toned-down version of the piece appears at the _Christianity
Today_ web site:


where the editors put the neologism/nonce word in quotes.


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