"until"= spatial "to" ?

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Sat May 6 00:38:35 UTC 2006

I'm not sure what's correct, but I remember writing 'til on a paper in
college in the late 70s.  My professor (it was a creative writing class)
told me to just write "til" for until.

On Fri, 5 May 2006, Charles Doyle wrote:

> Of course, that's an archaic usage; it's interesting that it
> may be being revived.  Or maybe it's just a hoity-toity
> NPRism!
> For some years I've been noticing, in student papers, an
> increasing occurrence of the adverb and conjunction TILL
> spelled 'TIL.  Now I'm seeing it on billboards, in
> headlines, and even in professionally-proofread newspaper
> and magazine articles.  Obviously (as my students explain)
> TILL is being regarded as a contraction of UNTIL (rather
> than its historical root).
> --Charlie
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> >Ivan Watson on NPR, reporting  from northern Iraq,  spoke
> of an area that extended from point A "until the border."
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