Fat City (1963)

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"Ducks, Assigned to Rural Life, Come Out of the Wilds to the
 White House" By Thomas Wolfe The Washington Post, Times Herald
 (1959-1973); Apr 13, 1961; pg. A1 " "Wow, this is Easy Street
 in a fat city," said a white Peking duckling, lying back

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> I just wrote up "easy street" and was about to add "fat
> city." HDAS doesn't have this book (later made into a movie)?
> Are there any other "fat city"
> cites?
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> 6 June 1963, Oakland (CA) Tribune, pg. 30:
> The winner of the 1963 Joseph Henry Jackson Award of $1,000
> is Leonard Gardner, a 29 year old San Francisco writer.
> Gardner won the award, named for  the late critic and author,
> for a novel in progress called "Fat  City."
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