Fricative voicing in *houses*

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> On the other hand, Wilson is playing pretty fast and loose with the
>labels BE and WE when he suggests that "I'm through verb+ing" is BE.
>For me, the "through" is not only native (I'm a WE speaker) but also
>carries a "sick-and-tired" connotation.

For me, and I'm also white, it can have a sick-and-tired connotation, but it
doesn't have to.  I could say "Yes, I'm through with that" perfectly neutrally.

And I've certainly never said, "I'm done."  In fact,  in third grade I had a
teacher who used "I'm done", and I was sharply corrected by my mother when I
imitated her.   Mother told me that "I'm done," wasn't good English and that only
lower-class people said it.   (My apologies to anyone here who does. :))

 I never heard anyone else say it when I was a child in Virginia, either.
I've heard it since said online by acquaintances from Iowa.
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