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Wed May 10 02:28:18 UTC 2006

In a message dated 5/9/06 10:04:22 PM, laurence.horn at YALE.EDU writes:

> >What does this have to do with "ZA"?
> Ron, you missed the bridge.  We transished from 'za to Ann Arbor by
> way of reminiscences of pizza-eating experiences in Ann Arbor.  I'm
> sure it's all in the (recent) archives.  And of course we never got
> around to changing the subject line.
> LH

I'm not interested in A2, which was old news to me. I'm interested in ZA. I 
can never get too much ZA. By the way, my secretary today told me that she had 
been to Arkansas to "see the rents." I thought that that clipping had died out 
in the 1970s. She is under 25 and about to enroll in the Duke Divinity 

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